The nature of the gene products encoded or regulated by the minor lymphocyte-stimulating (Mls) loci remains enigmatic despite extensive experimental evaluation. This work tested the hypothesis that the Mlsa genotype, when compared to the Mlsb genotype, facilitates Ag presentation to class II-restricted T cells. Titrated numbers of H-2-identical, Mls-disparate APC were used to stimulate proliferation of autoreactive, alloreactive, or Ag-specific class II-restricted T cell clones or lines. Apparent preferential presentation by Mlsa vs Mlsb APC obtained from H-2-identical strains was seen infrequently, and when observed, analysis with the use of APC from recombinant inbred lines revealed that preferential presentation did not correlate with the Mls genotype of the APC. These studies show that the Mlsa genotype does not influence overall Ag presentation to class II-restricted T cells.

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