Activation of Th lymphocytes requires that Ag be presented on the surface of accessory cells displaying Ia Ag. A number of studies have concluded that the T cell also requires IL-1 from accessory cells. However, we recently reported that one murine T cell clone (D10.G4.1) produced its own IL-1-like activity after encountering APC (9). In this report, we demonstrate that 1) IL-1 production is a common property of murine T cell clones, 2) T cell IL-1 activity is blocked by anti-IL-1-alpha antiserum, 3) IL-1-alpha mRNA can be directly visualized in individual cloned T cells using in situ hybridization techniques, and 4) IL-1 appears to serve an autocrine role in the activation of T cell clones inasmuch as anti-IL-1-alpha antiserum blocks cell proliferation when the T cell is the only IL-1 source.

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