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In Fig. 3A (Northern blot), the lanes labeled thymus and lymph nodes are reversed. This mistake affects the MIP-3α pattern of expression, since MIP-3α is expressed in lymph nodes but not in thymus. However, the MIP-3β pattern of expression is not affected because it is equally expressed in both the thymus and lymph node samples.

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The signal representing Fas ligand on the surface of the CTL clones in Fig. 1 is an artifact.

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An acknowledgment should have appeared with this paper stating, “This work was supported by a grant from the Association pour La Recherche Contre le Cancer.”

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In the original article, Fig. 2 is incomplete. Below is a corrected version of Fig. 2.

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In Table III on page 3849, the column labeled CD44+CD25+ should actually be labeled CD44+CD25. Concurrently, the column labeled CD44+CD25 should actually be labeled CD44+CD25+.

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The table appearing at the top left column of page 3537 does not belong to this article.

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In the original article, the name of the fourth author was omitted. The fourth author should have appeared as Tsutomu Masaki.

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In the original article, the legends for Figs. 3 and 4 were reversed. The legend beginning as “Mannose receptor-mediated endocytosis of DC is not affected by NAC” is for Fig. 3, and the legend beginning as “NAC inhibits the stimulation of T cells by allogeneic DC but not by anti-CD3 plus anti-CD28 mAbs” is for Fig. 4.

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In the Results section, Table IV was referenced incorrectly. Table V should have been referenced instead of Table IV in the following areas: page 5644, column 1, paragraph 1, line 11 page 5644, column 1, paragraph 3, line 10 page 5645, column 1, paragraph 1, line 5 page 5645, column 1, paragraph 1, line 14 page 5645, column 2, paragraph 1, line 5