Li, Z., W. K. Lim, S. P. Mahesh, B. Liu, and R. B. Nussenblatt. 2005. Cutting edge: in vivo blockade of human IL-2 receptor induces expansion of CD56bright regulatory NK cells in patients with active uveitis. J. Immunol. 174: 5187–5191 .

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Recently, Bielekova et al. described their findings concerning the induction of CD56bright NK cells by anti-IL2R therapy in multiple sclerosis patients (31). This is consistent with our observations in uveitis patients.

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31. Bielekova, B., S. Reichert-Scrivner, M. Cerna, H. McFarland, and R. Martin. 2004. CD56bright NK cells mediate immunomodulatory effects of IL-2R-targeted therapy in multiple sclerosis. J. Neuroimmunology 154: 211 (Abstr. 699).