We wish to retract the manuscript titled “Chronically HIV-1-Infected Monocytic Cells Induce Apoptosis in Cocultured T Cells” by Houchu Chen, Y. K. Yip, Italas George, Max Tyorkin, Erez Salik, and Kirk Sperber, The Journal of Immunology, 1998, 161: 4257–4267 . The manuscript contains errors in the presentation of data in some of the figures.

Fig. 3B demonstrating the apoptotic effect of gp120 on CD4 and CD8 cells, Fig. 4B depicting the apoptotic effect of Fas-FasL interactions in CD4 and CD8 T cells cocultured with 43HIV cells, and Fig. 6B showing the apoptotic activity of fractionated supernatant from the 43HIV cell line are inaccurate. We published the corrected figures as errata in the December 15, 2005 issue of The JI. However, given the errors made in these figures, we wish to retract the manuscript.

We deeply regret these errors and the need to take this action.

Houchu Chen

Italas George

Max Tyorkin

Erez Salik

Kirk Sperber

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

New York, NY 10029