Zhang, M., B. E. Berndt, J.-J. Chen, and J. Y. Kao. 2008. Expression of a soluble TGF-β receptor by tumor cells enhances dendritic cell/tumor fusion vaccine efficacy. 2008. J. Immunol. 181: 3690–3697 .

In References, Ref. 33 should be added as follows: “Wang, F. L., W. J. Qin, W. H. Wen, F. Tian, B. Song, Q. Zhang, C. Lee, W. D. Zhong, Y. L. Guo, and H. Wang. 2007. TGF-β insensitive dendritic cells: an efficient vaccine for murine prostate cancer. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 56: 1785–1793.”

Ref. 33 was not cited in Discussion. The text should read as follows: “In a study similar to the present study, Wang and colleagues showed that DCs genetically engineered to secrete dominant-negative TGF-β-R when pulsed with tumor lysate were more efficacious in generating an antitumor response compared with nonsecreting tumors in a mouse prostate adenocarcinoma model (33).”