McKimmie, C. S., A. R. Fraser, C. Hansell, L. Gutiérrez, S. Philipsen, L. Connell, A. Rot, M. Kurowska-Stolarska, P. Carreno, M. Pruenster, C.-C. Chu, G. Lombardi, C. Halsey, I. B. McInnes, F. Y. Liew, R. J. Nibbs, and G. J. Graham. 2008. Hemopoietic cell expression of the chemokine decoy receptor D6 is dynamic and regulated by GATA1. J. Immunol. 181: 3353–3363 .

Changes to Ref. 24 and in the numbering of the references throughout the article, requested by the authors at page proof stage, were not made in production. This resulted in publication of the article with multiple errors in the references. The editors and staff of The Journal of Immunology apologize for this error.

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1This study was supported by research funding from the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (Vienna) (to G.J.G. and R.J.N.) and from INNOCHEM (to G.J.G. and A.R.). S.P. and L.G. are supported by Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research-ALW Grant 815-02-008. L.C. and R.J.N. received financial support from Tenovus Scotland (Grant S06/06).