Kurowska-Stolarska, M., P. Kewin, G. Murphy, R. C. Russo, B. Stolarski, C. C. Garcia, M. Komai-Koma, N. Pitman, Y. Li, A. N. J. McKenzie, M. M. Teixeira, F. Y. Liew, and D. Xu. 2008. IL-33 induced Ag-specific IL-5+ T cells and promotes allergic-induced airway inflammation independent of IL-4. J. Immunol. 181: 4780–4790 .

The tenth author’s name was omitted from the article. The correct author and affiliation lines are shown below. One additional funding source has been added. The corrected footnote is shown below.

Mariola Kurowska-Stolarska,* Pete Kewin,* Grace Murphy,* Remo C. Russo, Bartosz Stolarski,* Cristiana Couto Garcia, Mousa Komai-Koma,* Nick Pitman,* Yubin Li,* Wanda Niedbala,* Andrew N. J. McKenzie,§ Mauro M. Teixeira, Foo Y. Liew,* and Damo Xu*

*Division of Immunology, Infection and Inflammation, Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom; Departamento de Bioquimica e Imunologia, Instituto de Ciencias Biologicas, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Pampulha, Brazil; Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Science, Poznan, Poland; and §Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom

1 This study received financial support from the Medical Research Council U.K., the Wellcome Trust, the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolviment Cietifico e Tecnologico, Brazil, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland (Grant 2PO 5BO, 8527).