Case Study That Focuses On Viral Replication That Enables Students To Understand How Easily Infection Is TransmittedKevin J. Jarigese, MST, Science Teacher, West Mesa High School, 6701 Fortuna Road NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121.

This case study is an educational unit developed for beginning biology students. In this unit, students will review an actual case study of a woman who works in a nursing home that is exposed to influenza virus. Through student group evaluations of behavioral issues, evaluation of the effects of vaccines on the epidemiology, and how infectious diseases may spread, students will develop a diagnosis and evaluate courses of action to be taken by patients and health care professionals. A focus on the issues of scientific literacy and the blending of concepts, history, and philosophy will be worked into the case study to help students evaluate and understand the scientific issues of our time.