Hystad, M. E., J. H. Myklebust, T. H. Bø, E. A. Sivertsen, E. Rian, L. Forfang, E. Munthe, A. Rosenwald, M. Chiorazzi, I. Jonassen, L. Staudt, and E. B. Smeland. 2007. Characterization of early stages of human B cell development by gene expression profiling. J. Immunol. 179: 3662–3671.

In Materials and Methods under the heading RNA extraction, amplification, labeling, and hybridization, the accession number should have been included. The following sentence replaces the final sentence in this paragraph: “The microarray data were deposited in the Gene Expression Omnibus database (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/) under accession no. GSE14714.”