We wish to retract the article “VAMP8 Is Essential in Anaphylatoxin-Induced Degranulation, TNF-α Secretion, Peritonitis, and Systemic Inflammation,” by Peter N. Pushparaj, Hwee Kee Tay, Cheng-Chun Wang, Wanjin Hong, and Alirio J. Melendez, The Journal of Immunology, 2009, 183: 1413–1418.

An investigation by the National University of Singapore concluded that Fig. 5D originated from Supplemental Fig. 2B in Dai et al. (Blood, 2009, 114: 318–327). In addition, the investigation found that a significant fraction of the introduction was plagiarized from the introduction to “The Role of C5A in Inflammatory Responses,” by Guo and Ward (Annual Review of Immunology, 2005, 23: 821–852).

The investigative committee of the National University of Singapore concluded that Dr. Melendez committed serious scientific misconduct. The committee found no evidence indicating that other coauthors were involved in the scientific misconduct.