Zaborsky, N., M. Brunner, M. Wallner, M. Himly, T. Karl, R. Schwarzenbacher, F. Ferreira, and G. Achatz. 2010. Antigen aggregation decides the fate of the allergic immune response. J. Immunol. 184: 725–735.

The authors wish to retract the crystallographic section of this article, in particular Fig. 8A (ribbon diagram of the crystal structure of Bet v 1d) and Fig. 8B (electrostatic surface potential map of Bet v 1a, left, and Bet v 1d, right).

An analysis published in Acta Crystallographica Section F. 68: 4, p. 366–376 resulted in an investigation by the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity. The Austrian Agency for Research Integrity has confirmed that Robert Schwarzenbacher concedes he committed scientific misconduct concerning the crystallographic data in this article. Furthermore, the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity confirms that the other data in the article are valid and that there is no suspicion of scientific misconduct apart from that in Fig. 8A and Fig. 8B.

The Protein Data Bank has been informed and has retracted the 3K78 entry.

Retraction of the crystallographic section does not affect the major conclusions of the article.