Patel, S., S. M. Blaauboer, H. R. Tucker, S. Mansouri, J. S. Ruiz-Moreno, L. Hamann, R. R. Schumann, B. Opitz, and L. Jin. 2017. The common R71H-G230A-R293Q human TMEM173 is a null allele. J. Immunol. 198: 776–787.

The amino acid labels in the originally published Supplemental Fig. 3 indicated their locations in the HAQ knock-in mouse of an equivalent human HAQ. To avoid confusion, we have changed these labels from A230 (human STING) to A229 (mouse STING), and from Q293 (human STING) to Q292 (mouse STING), and this replacement figure has been published online. We have also provided new sequencing results for the A229 and Q292 changes in the mHAQ mouse. The current online supplemental figure therefore differs from what was originally published online.