The question of the parenteral absorption of antigen has been studied by Doerr and Pick (1). By comparing the reaction in normal and sensitized animals they hoped to determine whether or not in sensitized animals the anaphylactic poison was produced from the antigen. Doerr and Pick injected rabbits, sensitized and normal, with anti-cholera horse serum intravenously. The rabbits were bled at intervals and the sera tested for precipitable horse serum and for agglutinins for the cholera vibrio. Their titrations for precipitinogen and agglutinins indicate, in their opinion, that there is no essential difference in the rate of disappearance of antigen from the circulation of the normal and sensitized rabbits.

To approach the subject from a somewhat different point of view, Doerr and Pick measured the rate of absorption of antigen from the peritoneal cavity of normal and sensitized guineapigs. The amount of antigen absorbed into the circulation was titrated as in the rabbit experiments.

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