The literature contains but few references to vascular lesions in acute anaphylaxis, and, so far as I can find, only one reference (7) to vascular lesions produced by repeated injections of foreign proteins. Gay and Southard (1) studying the lesions produced in guinea pigs in acute anaphylaxis, report finding fatty changes in capillary endothelium which they interpret as being the cause of the hemorrhages which are so constantly found in acute anaphylaxis. Rosenau and Anderson (2) were unable to find these lesions in acute anaphylaxis, but Longcope (3) and others mention finding them frequently. Longcope (3), (4), (5) in studying the histologic results of repeated injections of foreign proteins in various animals, found marked, and in some cases, even severe lesions in the parenchymatous cells of heart, liver, and kidney, with varying degrees of fibrosis, but, aside from perivascular infiltration, found no arterial lesions.


The first paper of this series appeared in vol. I, no. 1, of this journal under the title: Kidney lesions in chronic anaphylaxis.

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