The results of various investigations in the field of anaphylaxis, especially those of Schultz, Dale, Weil and Manwaring, definitely point to the conclusion that in the process of sensitization and anaphylactic reaction the union of the antigen with various tissues, the elaboration of antibodies on the part of the cells to which the antigen has been anchored, and the additional union of circulating antigen with the sessile cell-antibodies, are, if not the only factors, at least very important ones. Under certain conditions these changes in the sensitized cells lead to functional reactions on the part of the cells that are responsible for the anaphylactic shock and other anaphylactic phenomena of a more or less acute character. But we know that under certain conditions there may be anaphylactic reactions that entail morphological changes. Arthus has shown that in a sensitized rabbit necrosis of the sensitized tissue may follow the subcutaneous injection of the antigen.

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