Hao, F., M. Tian, Y. Feng, C. Quan, Y. Chen, S. Chen, and M. Wei. 2018. Abrogation of lupus nephritis in somatic hypermutation–deficient MRL/lpr mice. J. Immunol. 200: 3905–3912.

In the published article, an extensively used mouse model (000482, The Jackson Laboratory), which contains MRL-Faslpr on the B6 background, was referred to as the “MRL/lpr” mouse. Unfortunately, the use of this abbreviation (MRL/lpr) caused confusion and was mistaken for the MRL/MpJ-Faslpr mouse model (000485, The Jackson Laboratory). To avoid confusion, the abbreviation “MRL/lpr” associated with mice containing the B6 background was replaced with “B6.MRL-Faslpr/J” throughout the article. These changes have been made to the online article, which now differs from the print article as originally published.

In addition, we improved Supplemental Fig. 1 to better illustrate the breeding process, as well as the genetic backgrounds for mice at distinct stages. This revised Supplemental Fig. 1 has been published online. The current online supplemental Fig. 1 therefore differs from what was originally published online.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to the oversimplified illustration, and we hope these changes improve the clarity of our article.