Yan, H., M. Fernandez, J. Wang, S. Wu, R. Wang, Z. Lou, J. B. Moroney, C. E. Rivera, J. R. Taylor, H. Gan, H. Zan, D. Kolvaskyy, D. Liu, P. Casali, and Z. Xu. 2020. B cell endosomal RAB7 promotes TRAF6 K63 polyubiquitination and NF-κB activation for antibody class-switching. J. Immunol. 204: 1146–1157.

The twelfth author's surname was incorrect as originally published. The corrected full name for the author is Dmytro Kovalskyy. The author's name has been corrected in the online version of the article, which now differs from the print version as originally published.