Wednesday, April 8, 9:15 a.m.

  1. Presidential Address: Warfield T. Longcope.

  2. Immunological Response of Guinea Pigs to Vaccinia. Louis Dienes.

  3. Variation in the Susceptibility of Guinea Pigs to Reversed Passive Anaphylaxis. Hans Zinsser and (by invitation) John F. Enders.

  4. Observations on the Dissociation of Meningitic Strains of H. Influenzae. Le Roy D. Fothergill and Caroline A. Chandler (by invitation).

  5. Specificity of Phage Absorption in the Dysentery Group. Philip Levine and (by invitation) Philip Beerman.

  6. Diphtheria Toxin Production on Broths Made from Complete Dried Media. William E. Bunney and (by invitation) Leona E. Thomas.

  7. The Flocculation Reaction with Purified Diphtheria Toxin. Monroe D. Eaton (by invitation).

  8. Duration of Immunity following Diphtheria Prophylaxis. F. G. Jones (by invitation).

  9. Experimental Antileucocytic Serum. W. B. Chew, D. J. Stephens and John S. Lawrence (by invitation).

Wednesday, April 8, 2:15 p.m.

  1. The Function of the Recipient in the Local Passive Transfer of Hypersensitiveness. Francis M. Rackemann and (by invitation) Harold C. Wagner.

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