Forssman's antigen is present in the thymus, bursa of Fabricius, normal peripheral nerve, peripheral nerve affected with the disease of fowl-paralysis, and in diffuse and nodular lymphocytoma-tissues of the chicken.

The sera of rabbits injected intravenously, with aqueous suspensions of normal peripheral nerves and peripheral nerves affected with the disease fowl-paralysis of the chicken, contain two additional antibodies. One of these is directed toward an alcohol soluble antigen which is similar to brain-lipoid-antigen. The other is specific for a water soluble antigen present only in aqueous suspension of chicken's nerve-tissue.

No antigenic differences were found between the normal and pathological deposits of lymphoid tissue of the chicken.

No antibody response was obtained after intravenous injection of dogs, pigeons or sheep with tissue-suspensions of diffuse and nodular lymphocytoma of the chicken.

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