The Journal of Immunology, volume 3, number 4, contains an account of our earlier studies of the bactericidal action of whole, uncoagulated blood on pneumococci. In the same paper, in association with Myer Solis-Cohen, we described a similar bactericidal action of certain whole bloods upon the globoid bodies of acute anterior poliomyelitis, and Matsunami and Kolmer (2), using our method, found that the blood of certain animals was bactericidal for meningococci. In our first paper we gave the details of the method by which we were able to bring the blood, before it had time to coagulate, into contact with bacteria.

The essential feature of the method, suggested by Benjamin F. Lacy, is that a capillary glass tube be filled, by capillary attraction, up to a fixed mark, with broth culture of pneumococci, and then emptied. A certain number of pneumococci remain sticking to the wall of the tube.


The research was made possible through the kindness of Mr. Samuel S. Fels. Read before the Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons, Atlantic City, N. J., June 17, 1919.

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