Comparatively few observations are recorded on the histological changes produced by chronic or repeated protein intoxication, and these have been mostly in guinea-pigs, since rabbits are in general less well suited to this kind of work than guinea-pigs. Longcope (1) reports finding lesions consisting of necrosis, leukocytic infiltration, and fibrosis in the liver, heart, and kidney of guinea-pigs and rabbits, and in the kidneys of cats and dogs as well. The writer has previously reported (2) the finding of degenerative and necrotic lesions of the epithelium, and infiltration, fibrosis and vascular lesions in the kidneys of guinea-pigs, and also (3) vascular lesions in the smaller arteries of the liver, kidney, spleen and heart of guinea-pigs. The purpose of the present paper is to report findings in the organs of rabbits treated in a similar manner, and to point out certain differences between these and lesions of similar organs in guinea-pigs.

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