Rosenthal et al (1) concluded that the original prontosil of Domagk might prevent or modify the production of lymphocytic choriomeningitis in mice. Because of their experiments and some suggestive clinical evidence, neoprontosil has been used in the treatment of poliomyelitis (2) despite the fact that 1) the original prontosil of Domagk and the neoprontosil sold in this country are not the same drug; 2) the results of experiments with one drug are not necessarily the same as those following the use of another; 3) the results in one species of animals may not be the same as those obtained in another even when the same drug is used; 4) the effects of treatment in one virus disease may have no bearing on the effects that may be produced in another.

Our experiments were performed to determine whether neoprontosil, the American product, or the original prontosil of Domagk would prevent the infection of small animals with virus from lymphocytic choriomeningitis.


Aided by a grant from the Marion R. Spellman and Dr. H. F. Biggar Funds of The Cleveland Foundation.

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