It was reported recently (1) that the antigenic effect of horse serum can be increased by combination with a lanolin-like substance and paraffin oil containing killed tubercle bacilli. In these experiments guinea-pigs received serum alone or combined with the adjuvants, injected subcutaneously, after which sensitization and precipitin-formation were found to be not only enhanced but remarkably persistent. When later the experiments were repeated, collodion-agglutinative tests were made which, also, were in harmony with those of precipitative tests (2). The technic of preparing collodion particles and of the agglutinative test may be found in previous papers (3).

The use of the above adjuvants was applied by Landsteiner and Chase (4) and by Chase (5) to sensitization and antibody-formation towards chemicals and proteic conjugates, horse serum and ragweed pollen. Kopeloff and Kopeloff (6) with the aid of the same adjuvants succeeded in demonstrating antibody-formation against brain extracts in the monkey.


This study was aided by a grant from the John and Mary R. Markle Foundation.

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