1. The amount of Bothrops jararaca venom neutralized by a certain quantity of specific antiserum can be closely measured by the intravenous mouse-test

  2. The neutralizing power of Bothrops jararaca antivenin is relatively stronger at high serum-dilutions than in an undiluted state.

  3. The neutralization-curve of Bothrops jararaca antivenin can be represented by a straight line, when both the amount of neutralized venom and the amount of serum capable of effecting this neutralization are plotted logarithmically.

  4. This type of neutralization-curve is found not only when serum and venom are injected simultaneously, but also when injected 24 hours apart. Native sera and a serum which had been concentrated by treatment with Na2SO4 behaved in the same way.

  5. The neutralization-curve is represented mathematically by the adsorption-equation: log y = log a + b log x, defined in the text.

    The value of “a” varies according to the absolute strength of the undiluted serum; the value of “b” varied but little (around 0.62) in all sera tested under equal experimental conditions and seems to be characteristic for this type of neutralization-curve.

  6. Neutralization of the coagulase in Bothrops jararaca venom is represented by a straight line, indicating a direct proportion between the amount of neutralized coagulase and the serum-dilution effecting this neutralization.

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