An accompanying paper (1) records the dispersion of P32 incorporated in Na2HPO4 introduced into chick embryos by various routes. It was noteworthy that when this soluble radioactive phosphate was placed in the allantoic sac of 11-day-old embryos, a very large proportion remained in the allantoic fluid for a period of several days. Only very limited amounts escaped to, or at least were found in, the blood and the body of the embryo. None or only traces appeared in the amniotic fluid. The present paper deals with the effect of influenza virus upon the dispersion of P32 when both substances are inoculated simultaneously into the allantoic sac.

Materials and Methods. The methods of standardizing P32, inoculating the embryos, harvesting the material to be examined, and determining the amount of the isotope in the specimens have been described (1).


Rockefeller Foundation Fellow. On leave from the Instituto Bacteriologico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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