1. Ca++ is required in the formation of the complex EAC′x.

  2. The combination of EA with C′x is a reaction which essentially goes to completion.

  3. The velocity of formation of EAC′x is greater at 34°C than at 0°C. However, a more reactive EAC′x is obtained at 0°C.

  4. The reaction of EAC′x with C′y requires Mg++.

  5. The velocity and final extent of reaction of EAC′x with C′y, depends on the concentration of C′y, as well as on the concentration of C′x per cell.


The present work was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Cone Foundation and by a contract (121–104) with the Office of Naval Research.


A preliminary report of the present work was presented at the 1954 meeting of the Federated Societies for Experimental Biology. (Federation Proceedings, Vol. 13, page 504, 1954.)

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