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Pillars of Immunology

The Journal of Immunology publishes commentaries highlighting scientific reports that were published more than 15 years ago and that have made a major impact on the course of immunological research today.
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Ana C. Anderson
Amal O. Amer
Hee Sun Choi; Vijay K. Kuchroo
Cathryn R. Nagler
Andreas Wieland; Mark P. Rubinstein; Zihai Li
Nicholas N. Jarjour; Stephen C. Jameson
Jonathan Kaye
Kenneth M. Murphy
Donna L. Farber
Barton F. Haynes
Alexander Brady; Mandy J. McGeachy
Kerry S. Campbell
Megan A. Cooper
Martin F. Bachmann; Daniel E. Speiser
Nicole Baumgarth
Ellen V. Rothenberg
Mariana J. Kaplan
Yong-Rui Zou; Anne Davidson
Marios Koutsakos; Ali H. Ellebedy
Derya Unutmaz
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