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Brief Reviews

The Journal of Immunology publishes Brief Reviews of the literature by experts in various immunological areas of study. These solicited, peer-reviewed articles provide succinct overviews of a research area and insights into seminal and recent advances in the field. Also included below are topical review collections including: the microbiome, stromal immunology, neuroimmunology, influenza, and cancer immunology

2023 Systems Approaches for Studying Immunity

Maternal–Fetal Immunology
Life In-Between: Bridging Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Celebrating Diversity in Immunology

Modern World Influences on the Microbiome and Their Consequences for Immune-Mediated Disease
Stromal Immunology: Frameworks for Development and Response

Neuroimmunology: To Sense and Protect

Immunity to Influenza: Closing in on a Moving Target

The Cancer Immunotherapy Revolution: Mechanistic Insights

The Macro Influence of the Microbiome

Special Collection Image
Jiamin Liu; Chengchao Ding; Yu Shi; Yiyu Wang; Xiangyu Zhang; Lina Huang; Qin Fang; Chenxi Shuai; Yong Gao; Jianjun Wu
Julien Boucher; Caroline Gilbert; Santanu Bose; Philippe A. Tessier
Keith L. Knutson
Jay H. Lipinksi; Piyush Ranjan; Robert P. Dickson; David N. O’Dwyer
Sistiana Aiello; Ariela Benigni; Giuseppe Remuzzi
Jing Wu; Kim Han; Michael N. Sack
Luxia Xu; Feiyan Pan; Zhigang Guo
Yixuan Wu; Ye Chean Teh; Shu Zhen Chong
Giuseppina Marchesini Tovar; Corey Gallen; Tessa Bergsbaken
Natalie Klug; Jacqueline Burke; Evan Scott
Miguel C. Sobral; David J. Mooney
Kai Han; Jin Xu; Fang Xie; Julia Crowther; James J. Moon
Abir K. Muhuri; Yunus Alapan; Camila P. Camargo; Susan N. Thomas
Jakub Tomala; Shanelle D. Cao; Jamie B. Spangler
Edward B. Irvine; Sai T. Reddy
Colleen R. Foley; Sheridan L. Swan; Melody A. Swartz
Aereas Aung; Darrell J. Irvine
E. Mauricio Barajas-Mora; Ann J. Feeney
Yue Zhang; Kathleen Cheng; Jaehyuk Choi
Lacie M. Werner; Alison K. Criss

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