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J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2515–2516.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2517–2518.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2519–2526.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2529–2534.

  • TLR7-driven lupus-like disease is ameliorated in the absence of BCAP.

  • BCAP promotes TLR7/9-induced IFNα, but not IL-6, in pDC.

  • BCAP associates with DOCK2 and promotes CpG DNA-induced Rac1 and IKKα activation.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2535–2545.
J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2546–2557.

  • BCR ligation induces ROS production in two phases.

  • ROS production in the late phase is essential for B cell proliferation and survival.

  • ROS production in the late phase is mediated by NADPH oxidases, especially NOX3.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2558–2569.

  • High DM overcomes poor DM/DQ2 interaction to inhibit DQ2 presentation of gliadin.

  • Relative low strength of gliadin peptide-DQ2 binding contributes when DM is high.

  • In contrast, abundant DM promotes DQ2 presentation of DM-resistant viral Ag.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2570–2577.

  • TSHR A-subunit NOD.H2h4 mice spontaneously develop pathogenic TSHR Abs.

  • TSHR + ITE + A-subunit nanoparticles accelerated pathogenic TSHR Ab development.

  • TSHR A-subunit stimulation is required to generate pathogenic TSHR Abs.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2578–2584.

  • The proportion of CD14hiCD16 monocytes was increased in AP patients.

  • CD14hiCD16 monocyte proportions, together with their HLA-DR level, could predict AP severity.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2585–2608.
J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2609–2615.

  • We found that epidermal keratinocytes expressed CCK octapeptide.

  • CCK octapeptide expression was markedly decreased in acanthotic lesions of psoriasis.

  • CCK may exert a self-regulatory effect on psoriatic inflammation.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2616–2627.
J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2628–2635.

  • Batf3-lineage cDC1 are required for peripheral CD8+ T cell deletion.

  • The absence of cDC1 does not increase CD8+ T cell autoreactivity or alter the TCR repertoire.

  • Peripheral deletion by cDC1 does not significantly contribute to CD8+ T cell tolerance to self.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2636–2647.

  • High levels of KIR and HLA diversity are present in all seven African populations.

  • Although 28 novel KIR alleles were detected, all HLA class I alleles are familiar.

  • KIRtelA and telB are balanced in East Africa, but KIRtelA dominates in West Africa.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2648–2660.

  • P. vivax DPB:DARC interaction is essential for RBC invasion.

  • P. vivax–exposed individuals acquire Abs that block this interaction.

  • Human-derived monoclonal Abs recognize a globally conserved blocking epitope.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2661–2670.

  • C. neoformans transfers between macrophages in coordinated exocytosis/phagocytosis.

  • Opsonin receptors are used for the transfer process.

  • C. neoformans must be viable for the transfer process to occur.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2671–2681.

  • Brucella abortus induces a STING-dependent UPR.

  • Bacterial c-di-GMP recognition by STING triggers B. abortus–induced UPR.

  • UPR blockade inhibits B. abortus replication in vitro and in vivo.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2682–2689.

  • Lamina propria macrophages are short-lived and destroyed after SIV infection.

  • Intestinal submucosa macrophages are long-lived and may become SIV/HIV reservoirs.

  • Gut biopsies are insufficient for monitoring submucosal long-lived macrophages.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2690–2699.

  • AB therapy in PD patients ablated P. gingivalis from oral and hematogenous reservoirs.

  • This reduced inflammatory blood mDCs and IL-1R expression on Tregs in PD patients.

  • A favorable clinical response was related to P. gingivalis ablation and a decrease in Treg→Th17.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2700–2709.
J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2710–2719.

  • Critical structural elements are identified in MCT-2 that mediate FPR2 activation.

  • MCT-2 polymorphic variants activate human neutrophils with different potency.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2720–2727.

  • Skin wounding promotes Mo expansion in mouse bone marrow.

  • IL-1R1 signaling is not involved in skin wounding–induced Mo expansion.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2728–2736.

  • Acute gout patients express higher level of leptin and leptin receptor.

  • Leptin promotes MSU-induced inflammation in human and murine models of acute gout.

  • Leptin-exacerbating inflammation in acute gout is mediated by mTORC1 signaling.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2737–2746.

  • DMF suppresses cytokine production in pDCs.

  • DMF blocks Myddosome formation by disrupting the MyD88–IRAK4 interaction.

  • DMF blocks the MyD88–IRAK4 interaction by targeting C13 in IRAK4.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2747–2759.

  • IMD activation in the fat body disrupts growth and energy stores.

  • Inhibition of IMD signaling in Drosophila disrupts metabolic homeostasis.

  • Insulin mutant flies have varied responses to bacterial infection.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2760–2771.

  • In a murine model of lung fibrosis, an ontogeny of inflammatory events was defined.

  • Mutant SftpcI73T expression caused early lung injury marked by a polycellular alveolitis.

  • Depletion of peripheral monocytes was protective from SftpcI73T injury.

J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2772–2781.

  • Ly-6Clo and Ly-6Chi monocytes/macrophages have unique roles in acute HILI.

  • Ly-6Clo monocytes/macrophages adopt proinflammatory phenotypes in CD11b-DTR+ mice.

  • Intranasal IFN-γ rescues CD11b-DTR+ mice from severe HILI.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2782–2794.

  • The mouse α4/β1 integrin is important in the binding of IgG3 Abs to macrophages.

  • Phagocytosis mediated by mIgG3 Abs depends on the α4/β1 integrin.

  • The α4/β1 integrin is a new receptor and/or part of a receptor complex for IgG3.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2795–2805.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2806–2816.


J Immunol (2019) 202 (9): 2817.
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