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J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2325–2326.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2327–2341.
J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2342–2350.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2351–2361.

  • Infliximab aggregates induce dendritic cell maturation and CD4 T cell activation.

  • Aggregate-induced immune response is mediated via the FcγRIIa–Syk axis.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2362–2374.

  • B-1b cells mount superior TI-2 responses despite sharing the same BCR as B-2 cells.

  • B-1b and B-2 cells generate a TI-2 memory pool expressing CD80, PDL2, and CD73.

  • Ag-specific IgG and CD80 limit secondary Ab responses by memory B-1b cells.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2375–2390.

  • Clozapine binds HLA class II at therapeutic concentrations to activate CD4+ T cells.

  • Clozapine and olanzapine interact with HLA class II in similar conformations.

  • Greater T cell protein expression changes are induced by clozapine.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2391–2401.

  • Circulating plasmablasts are a major B cell subpopulation that expresses GZMB.

  • GZMB+ B cells can be efficiently expanded ex vivo from total B cells.

  • GZMB+ B cells strongly suppress both autologous and allogenic T cell proliferation.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2402–2413.

  • CgIgIT was able to bind the hemolymph microbes and recruit CgSHP2.

  • IgIT-SHP2 pathway inhibited MAPK activities.

  • IgIT-SHP2 pathway protected microbes from ROS- and CgDef2-mediated elimination.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2414–2422.

  • Disrupting TL1A–DR3 interactions abrogates mouse lung fibrosis and airway remodeling.

  • Airway fibroblasts and epithelial cells express DR3 and respond to TL1A.

  • Neutralizing TL1A might be a therapy for airway remodeling in asthma, SSc, and IPF.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2423–2436.

  • VEGF acts directly and indirectly on stromal compartments of the neonatal thymus.

  • VEGF mediates its pleiotropic effects via both VEGFR2 and NRP1.

  • VEGF inhibition induces phenotypic and transcriptional neonatal thymic maturation.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2437–2446.

  • SARS-CoV-2–specific Ab-secreting cells expand in acute COVID-19.

  • SARS-CoV-2–specific Ab levels correlate with neutralizing Ab titers.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2447–2455.

  • HIV infection is associated with the loss of CD163+CD206+ AM.

  • Smoking increases surface expression of several activation markers on AM.

  • CyTOF is a valuable tool for evaluating the phenotypic profile of BALF from smokers.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2456–2467.

  • IFN-I–inducible TRIM21 is degraded via CMA.

  • S. Typhimurium activates mTORC2/Akt to impair CMA resulting in TRIM21 accumulation.

  • High levels of TRIM21 contribute to S. Typhimurium–induced macrophage death.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2468–2478.

  • This study explores a pathway that promotes Th2 cell inflammation in RV exacerbation.

  • Inhibiting factors in this pathway could potentially benefit asthmatic patients.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2479–2488.

  • Epigenetic changes predict cell type–specific TNF/LT locus gene expression.

  • Distal element hHS-8 regulates TNF and LTA gene expression in activated T cells.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2489–2498.

  • Cigarette Smoke reduces hepcidin levels in the lung, plasma, and urine of mice.

  • Cigarette smoke inhibits hepcidin production by murine AMs.

  • AMs from smokers and individuals with COPD have higher ferroportin.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2499–2510.

  • LPS stimulates GFAT2 expression in macrophages via a FoxO1-dependent mechanism.

  • LPS-induced GFAT activity promotes a general increase in protein O-GlcNAcylation.

  • Protein O-GlcNAcylation limits excessive LPS-triggered inflammation in macrophages.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2511–2518.

  • In brain tissue of the majority of MS patients, myelin is bound by IgG Abs.

  • IgG immune complexes break immune tolerance of primary human microglia.

  • Breaking of immune tolerance of microglia is dependent on FcγRI and IIa.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2519–2531.

  • Tregs rapidly rise in the tumor microenvironment after nonablative irradiation.

  • Transient Treg depletion increases the efficiency of nonablative irradiation.

  • Treg depletion after three fractions of radiation induces systemic antitumor immunity.


J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2532–2544.

  • NLRP3 R259W homozygous pigs can be generated by somatic cell nuclear transfer.

  • NLRP3 R259W homozygous pigs can survive to adulthood and give birth to offspring.

  • Both homozygous- and heterozygous-mutated pigs show systemic spontaneous inflammation.

J Immunol (2020) 205 (9): 2545–2553.

  • Genetic activation of CD11b reduces leukocyte recruitment in acute peritonitis.

  • Genetic activation of CD11b decreases atherosclerosis in hyperlipidemic animals.

  • CD11bI332G mice provide a system to study the pathways of active Mac-1 in vivo.

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