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J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 607–620.

  • Pulmonary fibrosis entails a transcriptional downregulation of Map3k8 expression.

  • Map3k8 suppress pulmonary fibrosis via Cox-2–mediated PGE2 production.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 471–480.

  • NHERF1 promotes mast cell activation following FcεRI stimulation in vitro.

  • NHERF1 regulates IgE-mediated, mast cell–dependent anaphylactic reactions in vivo.

  • NHERF1 localized to the mast cell nucleus following IgE/Ag stimulation.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 481–493.

  • GSK3–c-Myc–IRF4 regulatory axis induces CD138+ Ab-secreting cell formation.

  • GSK3 inactivation facilitated the LZ to DZ transition via increasing Foxo1.

  • Spatiotemporal control of GSK3 activity may be a key regulator of the GC reaction.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 554–565.

  • The onset and evolution of EAE in C57BL/6 mice is significantly delayed by ILT3.Fc.

  • ILT3.Fc inhibits T cell production of IL-17 and IFN-γ and migration through BMEC.

  • Deletion of CD8 T cells abrogates the inhibitory effect of ILT3.Fc.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 641–651.

  • Pulmonary mucosal CD8 T cells are highly differentiated, activated, and exhausted.

  • BAL versus blood CD8 T cells showed lower perforin/granzyme B expression.

  • BAL CD8 T cells display reduced target killing ability compared to blood CD8 T cells.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 631–640.

  • Salmonella infection leads to NAIP/NLRC4 and NLRP3 inflammasome activation.

  • Flagellin activates the NAIP/NLRC4 and NLRP3 inflammasome in human macrophages.

  • Flagellin mediates NLRP3 activation in a ROS- and/or cathepsin-dependent manner.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 453.
J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 621–630.

  • Mo/MΦ proliferate at higher rates in wounds of diabetic compared with nondiabetic mice.

  • CCL2/CCR2 signaling promotes wound Mo/MΦ proliferation in mice.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 580–587.

  • Spike-reactive T cells are present in all convalescent COVID-19 patients.

  • NCAP and VEMP are possible targets for treatment and diagnosis.

  • SARS-CoV-2–reactive T cells cannot be detected in unexposed individuals.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 465–470.

  • Homeostatic turnover generates heterogeneity in cell age among naive group 1 ILCs.

  • Turnover of tissue-resident ILC1s is slower than that of circulating NK cells.

  • Older NK cells mount more robust adaptive responses during CMV infection.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 455–462.
J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 524–530.

  • In fibrosing mediastinitis, CD4+CD4+CTLs accumulate in lesions.

  • CD4+CTLs in the blood of patients respond to H. capsulatum Ags in vitro.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 515–523.

  • Vitamin D was decreased and inflammation was increased in COPD patients.

  • NF-κB and AP-1 signaling pathways were activated in COPD patients.

  • Vitamin D was inversely correlated with inflammatory signaling in COPD patients.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 505–514.

  • S100a8- and S100a9-deficient mice have worsened psoriasis.

  • S100A8 and S100A9 inhibit IL-17 production.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 494–504.

  • MHC-II ubiquitination–mutant spleen DCs are functionally defective.

  • MHC-II ubiquitination–mutant DCs have an altered gene expression profile.

  • DC activation reverses the functional defects in MHC-II ubiquitination–mutant DCs.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 540–553.

  • mirn23a miRNAs repress inflammatory signaling in myeloid progenitors.

  • mirn23a−/− macrophages have enhanced M2 polarization and decreased responses to LPS.

  • mirn23a−/− macrophages enhance the growth of syngeneic tumors in vivo.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 652–663.

  • Simultaneous aerosol and i.m. immunization reduces viral load and pathology.

  • Simultaneous immunization induces strong protective local and systemic responses.

  • The hierarchy of NP-specific T cells in blood does not reflect local lung responses.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 599–606.

  • Tocilizumab could prolong survival among hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19.

  • Tocilizumab weakens the inflammatory response while sustaining immune responses.

  • During the tocilizumab treatment, no severe adverse drug reactions were reported.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 531–539.

  • Vitamin D3 reduces FcεRI expression on epidermal DC in atopic dermatitis.

  • This is independent of activation and results in impaired FcεRI-mediated function.

  • Vitamin D3 causes dissociation of PU.1 and YY1 from the FcεRI α-chain promotor.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 566–579.

  • PPRV P protein inhibits type I IFN production.

  • PPRV P protein interacts with IRF3 to block the interaction between TBK1 and IRF3.

  • The 1–102 region of P protein is critical for the antagonistic function of P protein.

J Immunol (2021) 206 (3): 588–598.

  • Sema3E suppresses CD11C+ cells and T cell functions during L. major infection.

  • The deficiency of Sema3E leads to enhanced resistance to L. major infection.

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