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J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 783–784.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 785–792.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 793–798.

  • APC L-ARG synthesis supports T cell viability and proliferation.

  • T cells contain APC-derived L-ARG.

  • APCs secrete L-ARG into the extracellular milieu to fuel T cell functions.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 799–806.

  • MCMV-specific CD8+ T cells have similar lifespans as bulk memory CD8+ T cells.

  • CD8+ T cells of inflationary and noninflationary responses have similar lifespans.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 807–818.

  • BCL6 expression is increased in TCR-activated naive CD4 T cells from patients with GPA.

  • IL-2/STAT5 signaling is dysregulated in GPA naive CD4 T cells.

  • GPA naive CD4 T cells show increased TFH cell differentiation and IL-21 expression.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 819–826.

  • The Amperial assay was used to measure salivary SARS-CoV-2 S1 Abs.

  • IgG of 42 COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated individuals was longitudinally evaluated.

  • Twenty percent of subjects experienced a 90% drop of peak IgG levels over time.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 827–838.

  • Serum IgE level is positively correlated with clinical symptoms in patients with MD.

  • IgE deposition increases in vestibular apparatus of patients with MD.

  • IL-4 enhances the transcytosis of IgE by regulating the CD23 level.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 839–850.

  • Peroxisomes are critical for homeostasis and Ab responses in B1/MZ B cells.

  • Peroxisomes are dispensable for development and responses in T and B2 cells.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 851–860.

  • Homeostatic proliferation of MP Tregs is absolutely CD28-dependent.

  • Both anti–CTLA-4 and anti–PD-1 enhanced Treg, CD4, and CD8 homeostatic proliferation.

  • Stimulation of MP T cell proliferation by agonistic anti-TNFRS mAbs is CD28-dependent.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 861–869.

  • Increased IL-36 levels were found in Con A–injected mice.

  • Deficiency of IL-36R led to exacerbated liver injury and increased mortality.

  • A lack of IL-36 signaling exaggerated T cell responses and inflammation in the liver.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 870–880.

  • Rpl22l1 plays a key role in regulating selected stages of hematopoietic development.

  • The function of Rpl22l1 is essential and distinct from its paralog, Rpl22.

  • Rpl22l1 regulates development without affecting ribosome biogenesis or function.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 881–897.

  • Methionine supplementation rescues MCD diet–induced pDC depletion in a mouse model.

  • pDCs display distinct DMRs in comparison with cDCs.

  • DMRs in pDCs are associated with the MAPK signaling pathway.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 898–909.

  • NOD.Idd2 mice are strongly protected from autoimmune diabetes.

  • Idd2-mediated diabetes protection is immune cell intrinsic.

  • Idd2 locus genetic variants impact germinal center formation and MHC expression.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 910–928.

  • Inhibited Eα is still required for rearranged gene transcription and TCRαβ expression.

  • Different Eα enhanceosomes activate transcripts of specific 5′- and 3′-sub-TAD genes.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 929–940.

  • Cytosolic delivery of Ag enables MHC-I presentation by diverse immune cells.

  • Squeeze-engineered APCs prime CD8+ T cells with antitumor activity.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 941–954.

  • TPL-2 activation of ERK1/2 regulates gene expression in TLR-stimulated macrophages.

  • TPL-2 regulates transcription via ERK1/2 phosphorylation of ternary complex factors.

  • TPL-2 inhibits Ifnb1 transcription via ternary complex factor–induced Fos mRNA expression.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 955–967.

  • SCARF1 is an efferocytosis receptor in humans.

  • Engagement of SCARF1 by ACs on BDCA1+ DCs initiates an IL-10 response.

  • Autoantibodies to SCARF1 show a direct correlation to a defect in efferocytosis.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 968–978.

  • Activated neutrophil influx and NETosis contribute to intestinal I/R-induced ALI.

  • Targeting NETosis and HMGB1 signaling effectively reduces intestinal I/R-induced ALI.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 979–990.

  • Calprotectin-derived peptides are present in BALF from children with CF.

  • Specific peptides liberated from calprotectin signal uncontrolled protease activity.

  • Calprotectin-derived peptides may prove useful in tracking neutrophilic inflammation.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (4): 991–997.

  • Normal storage conditions increase the immunogenicity of sterile RBCs.

  • MyD88, but not TRIF, is required for induction of alloantibodies to transfused RBCs.

  • MyD88 is required for transfused RBCs to activate dendritic cells.

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