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J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 999–1000.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1001–1005.

  • Vaccination efficiency is associated with pre-existing CD4+ T cells in the elderly.

  • Salivary IgA response is less durable in COVID-19 vaccinees than in convalescents.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1007–1020.

  • E-proteins act during ILC2 development to shape lung ILC2 functional capacity.

  • Forced E-protein inhibition as ILC2s develop associates with impaired ILC2 function.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1021–1033.

  • LPS inhalation upregulates MHC I in the lung epithelium via IFN type I, II, and III.

  • MHC I upregulation is hampered by peptide loading of MHC I molecules.

  • Inflammation represses genes implicated in specialized lung epithelium functions.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1034–1041.

  • B10 cells increase during insulitis and decrease with the occurrence of diabetes.

  • Dysfunction of B10 cells is due to the defect in IL-10 secretion.

  • The balance of pathogenic Th1/Th17 cells and B10 cells was altered.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1042–1056.

  • MAIT cells adopt diverse phenotypes associated with CD4+ or CD8+ coexpression.

  • Ag and nonspecific T cell stimulation induce distinct MAIT cell phenotypes.

  • FOXP3-expressing MAIT cells phenotypically resemble conventional regulatory T cells.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1057–1065.

  • TNFR2-stimulated Tfr cells show enhanced proliferation and suppressive function.

  • TNFR2 signaling enhanced suppressive function of Tfr cells against Tfh and B cells.

  • Receptor-specific treatment may be beneficial for autoimmune diseases.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1066–1075.

  • CD8+ DCs and pDCs contribute to Tfh priming and Ab response to immunization.

  • Immunization induced CD8+ DCs to produce IL-6 and enhanced CD80 expression.

  • G-CSF signaling impacts pDC differentiation and response to immunization.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1076–1084.

  • VHSV infection affects MHC-II expression induced by IFN-γ in sea perch.

  • N protein of VHSV degrades STAT1 through K48-linked ubiquitination.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1085–1098.

  • Nix and Bnip3 regulate mitochondrial homeostasis by autophagy in memory B cells.

  • Mitochondrial autophagy is required for metabolic quiescence in memory B cells.

  • Uncontrolled metabolic function increases cell death in memory B cells.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1099–1114.

  • miR-130-3p promotes V. anguillarum invasion into cells by targeting NOD1 in teleost.

  • circRNF217 can adsorb miR-130-3p through a ceRNA mechanism to promote NOD1 expression.

  • circRNF217 enhances innate immunity by promoting NOD1 expression.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1115–1127.

  • The P2X4 receptor is involved in human Th17 cell activation.

  • Blockade of P2X4 receptor reduces arthritis severity in mice.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1128–1138.

  • Foxp3 is present in the chicken genome.

  • Domain organization and synteny are largely conserved.

  • Phenotypically, chicken regulatory T cells resemble their mammalian counterparts.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1139–1145.

  • Vaccination with Sputnik Light boosts pre-existing immune response against SARS-CoV-2.

  • Vaccination may be recommended when the RBD-specific IgG titers drop to 142.7 BAU/ml.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1146–1154.

  • Gingipains induce COX-2 expression and PGE2 production in P. gingivalis infection.

  • COX-2 expression by gingipains required MEK/ERK/AP-1 and IKK/NF-κB p65.

  • Gingipains are central virulence factors involved in periodontitis.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1155–1169.

  • ATF7ip is a critical regulator of CD8+ T cell effector and memory responses.

  • Deletion of ATF7ip in CD8+ T cells results in enhanced Il2 and Il7r expression.

  • ATF7ip targets transposable elements to modulate Il7r and Il2 expression.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1170–1179.

  • MAIT cells are hypersensitive to the S. aureus LukED toxin.

  • The effect is dependent on extraordinarily high CCR5 expression.

  • Activation via inflammatory cytokines or TCR partly protects MAIT cells.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1180–1188.

  • Circulating immune Teffs initially restrict Francisella replication.

  • Circulating Teffs are not sufficient for survival after Francisella challenge.

  • Efficacious Francisella vaccines must elicit resident and circulating T cells.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1189–1203.

  • HERC7 is a novel IFN-inducible member of the small HERC family.

  • HERC7 downregulates the IFN response to promote viral replication.

  • HERC7 targets MAVS, MITA, and IRF7 degradation by distinct mechanisms.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1204–1213.

  • AGEs inhibit macrophage efferocytosis of apoptotic β cells.

  • AGEs inhibit efferocytosis through activating RAGE/RhoA/ROCK signaling.

  • AGEs inhibit inflammation-resolving function of efferocytosis.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1214–1223.

  • Shrimp MANF is an LPS-induced plasma protein.

  • Shrimp plasma MANF controls hemocyte activation via ERK and Dorsal inhibition.

  • A conserved receptor tyrosine phosphatase is required for MANF inhibition effects.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1224–1231.

  • Murine γδ T cells can express IFN-γ or IL-17.

  • Pro-Th17 activity of γδ T cells is associated with gdT17, but not gdT1.

  • Functional activity of γδ T cells is modulated by the activation pathway.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1232–1247.

  • β binds to FH via a helical bundle motif located within its B75KN region.

  • β binds to FH in a manner that retains the complement regulatory activities of FH.

  • β enhances resistance to phagocytosis and killing, but not in an FH-dependent manner.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1248–1258.

  • Blood of PNH patients exhibits elevated levels of the checkpoint ligand PD-L1.

  • Complement C3 or C4 opsonization induces PD-L1 upregulation in peripheral blood.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1259–1271.

  • The role of B cells in lung fibrogenesis is still understudied.

  • WT and µMT knockout mice show similar fibrotic remodeling after AdTGF-β1 or BLM treatment.

  • B cells play only a subordinate role in lung fibrogenesis in mice.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1272–1279.

  • Deficiency of plexinD1 in IMs exacerbates inflammation and AHR in allergic asthma.

  • Plxnd1-deficient IM mice display enhanced IgE, goblet cell hyperplasia, and Th2/Th17.

  • The PlexinD1/Sema3E axis is critical for macrophage-derived IL-10 expression.

J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1280–1291.

  • Study of epithelial factor-inhibiting HIF (Hif1an) knockout in mouse colorectal cancer.

  • Loss of FIH increased intestinal barrier but decreased intestinal inflammation.

  • The reduced inflammatory response did not lead to changes in the tumor outcome.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1292–1304.

  • Liver-localized CD8 T cells perform correlated random walks.

  • Lévy flights of CD8 T cells are due to floating with the blood flow.

  • Lévy and Brownian walkers in the liver have similar search efficiency.


J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1305–1306.
J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1307–1309.
J Immunol (2022) 208 (5): 1310.
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