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Research Article November 30 2022
Type I IFN Receptor Signaling on B Cells Promotes Antibody Responses to Polysaccharide Antigens
J Immunol ji2200538.
Research Article November 30 2022
HLA Class I Supertype Classification Based on Structural Similarity
J Immunol ji2200685.
Research Article November 30 2022
Cutting Edge: Neutrophil Complement Receptor Signaling Is Required for BAFF-Dependent Humoral Responses in Mice
J Immunol ji2200410.
Research Article November 30 2022
Long Noncoding RNA HAFML Promotes Migration and Invasion of Rheumatoid Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes
J Immunol ji2200453.
Research Article November 30 2022
JMJD3 Is Required for Acute Pancreatitis and Pancreatitis-Associated Lung Injury
J Immunol ji2200484.
Research Article November 23 2022
TBK1 Isoform Inhibits Grass Carp Reovirus Infection by Targeting the Degradation of Viral Nonstructural Proteins NS80 and NS38
J Immunol ji2200471.
Research Article November 23 2022
Longitudinal Immune Profiling Highlights CD4+ T Cell Exhaustion Correlated with Liver Fibrosis in Schistosoma japonicum Infection
J Immunol ji2200301.
Research Article November 23 2022
Follicular CD8+ T Cells Are Elevated in HIV Infection and Induce PD-L1 on B Cells
J Immunol ji2200194.
Research Article November 23 2022
Regulation of Synovial γδ T Cell Ligand Expression by Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species and Gasdermin-D
J Immunol ji2101166.
Research Article November 16 2022
Spring Viremia of Carp Virus N Protein Negatively Regulates IFN Induction through Autophagy-Lysosome–Dependent Degradation of STING
J Immunol ji2200477.
Research Article November 16 2022
Mass Spectrometry Defines Lysophospholipids as Ligands for Chicken MHCY Class I Molecules
J Immunol ji2200066.
Research Article November 14 2022
Diversity in Cortical Thymic Epithelial Cells Occurs through Loss of a Foxn1-Dependent Gene Signature Driven by Stage-Specific Thymocyte Cross-Talk
J Immunol ji2200609.
Research Article November 11 2022
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Provokes Macrophages to Secrete IL-1β Contributing to Atherosclerosis Progression
J Immunol ji2200475.
Research Article November 9 2022
Synergistic Protection against Secondary Pneumococcal Infection by Human Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Distinct Epitopes
J Immunol ji2200349.
Other November 7 2022
Cutting Edge: CCR9 Promotes CD8+ T Cell Recruitment to the Brain during Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection
J Immunol ji2200578.
Other November 4 2022
Cutting Edge: mTORC2 Regulates CD8+ Effector and Memory T Cell Differentiation through Serum and Glucocorticoid Kinase 1
J Immunol ji2100669.
Research Article November 2 2022
G307S DNAM-1 Mutation Exacerbates Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis via Enhancing CD4+ T Cell Activation
J Immunol ji2200608.
Research Article November 2 2022
The Human Dendritic Cell Atlas: An Integrated Transcriptional Tool to Study Human Dendritic Cell Biology
J Immunol ji2200366.
Research Article October 28 2022
Macrophage P2Y6 Receptor Signaling Selectively Activates NFATC2 and Suppresses Allergic Lung Inflammation
J Immunol ji2200452.
Research Article October 28 2022
CD96 Blockade Ameliorates Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis-like Dermatitis via Suppression of IL-17A Production by Dermal γδ T Cells
J Immunol ji2200502.
Research Article October 26 2022
ER-phagy Is Involved in the Degradation of Collagen I by IL-1β in Human Amnion in Parturition
J Immunol ji2200518.
Research Article October 26 2022
A Deficiency in the Cytokine TNFSF14/LIGHT Limits Inflammation and Remodeling in Murine Eosinophilic Esophagitis
J Immunol ji2200326.
Research Article October 24 2022
Insights into the Antibacterial Properties of Complement Peptides C3a, C4a, and C5a across Vertebrates
J Immunol ji2101019.
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