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Email Alerts

Readers can update alerts from an Issue Table of Contents page, an Article page, or from the Alerts menu in My Account:  If a user is not already authenticated, they will be prompted to log in before they can register for these alerts. 

New Issue Alert (The JI only):  Receive an email when a new issue becomes available for The Journal of Immunology. The email will list the table of contents of all articles in the issue.

Publish Ahead of Print Alert (The JI only): Receive an email when articles are published in Next in The JI ahead of the issue. Articles are published Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

New Content Alert (ImmunoHorizons only): Receive an email when a new article is added to an open issue that contains a list of all new articles since the last alert.

Closed Issue Alert (ImmunoHorizons only): Receive an email when the issue closed that contains all articles in the issue.

Article activity alert: Receive an email showing the activity on a specific article, including citation count changes, corrections or retractions.

Saved searches: Search for a specific keyword, author, or article and save these searches to your account.  These can be accessed in "My Account" or you can opt to receive emails when new content is published that matches your search.

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