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Editorial Office of The Journal of Immunology and ImmunoHorizons

Director of Publications: Catherine Wattenberg

Managing Editor: Ellen C. Fox, Ph.D. 

Editorial Coordinator: Sarah Wolper

Associate Managing Editor: Nicole Beauchamp, Ph.D. 

Senior Editorial Assistants:

  • Karen Chung O
  • Hanh Wong

Journal Operations Manager: Joanne McCulloch

Online Journal Specialist: Kimberly Thorpe

Help Desk:

Additional Contact Information:

  • Media Kit: 856-432-1501
  • Institutional Subscriptions: 301-634-7805
  • Membership Services: 301-634-7195

1451 Rockville Pike, Suite 650, Rockville, MD 20852 | Phone: 301-634-7197 | Fax: 301-634-7829

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