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Individual Subscribers (Member and Non-Member)

Features of an Individual Online Subscription:

Individual Subscribers have individual access to full-text articles from 1916 to present, current and future tables of contents, abstracts and full-text searching. Access is available by username/password from any computer connected to the internet.

How Individual Online Access Works: When access is attempted, a screen will pop up asking for username and password. Online access from a personal subscription is only available to the subscriber. A personal subscriber may not share a password or post any material from The JI to a proxy server.

Member Subscribers

An online subscription to The Journal of Immunology and numerous other benefits are included with each membership to The American Association of Immunologists.

Become a Member:

Non-member Subscribers

How to Subscribe to The JI: (PERSONAL)

New Subscribers: Print and fill out the order form and either mail or fax to the address/fax number indicated, or email the information requested on the order form to [email protected]. Please note that subscriptions will not begin until payment is received.

Renewal Order: You will receive an invoice/renewal form in September. Please follow the instructions on the invoice.

Personal Subscription Order Policies:
  1. Personal Subscriptions may not be purchased through subscription agents. The subscriber may purchase The JI directly from AAI, please see order form for details.
  2. Complete end-user information is required, including an institutional mailing and email address.
  3. Journals will be mailed to the institutional address.

Institutions and Librarians

How to Subscribe to The JI:

Through a Subscription Agent: Contact your subscription agent and use their purchasing procedures. The subscription agent will work directly with The JI staff to ensure that the appropriate category for online pricing is used.

Through AAI: New Subscriber: Please contact [email protected].

Renewal Order: You will receive an invoice in September. Please follow the instructions on the invoice.

Institutional Online Subscription includes: Access to full text of all articles from 1916 to present, current and future tables of contents, abstracts and full text searching. Access is provided to computers within a particular set of internet IP addresses. If your institution has authentication from off-campus computers, you will be able to access the online version of The JI through your institution's sign-in procedures.

Types of Institutional Online Subscriptions

  1. Single Site. The single site license includes IP addresses for one geographical location in one city that is administered by one organization.
  2. Multi-Site. Any institution that does not qualify for a single site license must purchase a multi-site license. Institutions that are classified as multi-site may include (a) an institution whose registered IP addresses encompass more than one geographic site (e.g., a university campus that administers a branch campus in a different city or suburb); (b) an institution located on a host site that has a separate administration (e.g., a government laboratory located on a university campus). Access is available at all of an organization's sites.

How Institutional Online Access Works

Institutional access is easy and convenient! There are no usernames or passwords to remember and there is currently no limit on the number of readers from an institution who may access the online version of The JI simultaneously. If a computer requesting access to The JI is within the list of internet IP addresses provided by a subscribing institution, all those services enabled for institutional readers are immediately available.

How to Identify that Access is Received through an Institutional Subscription

If an institution has a subscription, there is immediate access to all content on the online version of The JI. A banner located at the top of the page will confirm that access is available from the subscribing institution.

Change administrator user name

To change your administrator's user name or account, please reach out to [email protected].

Password recovery
An administrator can reset their password at the designated front-end portal:

Add/delete/change IP addresses
Once in the administrator portal, an admin can add, edit or remove IP addresses in the "Access Options" section.

Public Access

Content available for public access

Even if you do not have a subscription to The Journal of Immunology, you can access:

  • The issue table of contents
  • Abstracts
  • The full text of articles published more than one year previously
  • Open-access articles represented by an unlocked icon
  • You can also purchase access to individual new articles, represented by a shopping cart icon.

All ImmunoHorizons content is fully open access.

Purchasing Pay-per-view content

When a user does not have access to an article, there will be an option to purchase it. A user can click on this to add it to their cart.

Once a user moves to "Review Cart", if they are unauthenticated they will then be prompted to log in. On the Order Details/Review Cart page, a user can modify their order and then proceed to checkout.

A user will perform the transaction via PayPal, and then be redirected to the site with access to the content that was purchased.

Accessing Content and Alerts

Signing in

Users can register an account as a member with AAI or as a non-member on the Silverchair platform. Even if you do not have a subscription or access The JI through your institution, an account is necessary to sign up for email alerts.

Password recovery

If you have forgotten your password or need to reset your password after your membership account has been imported to the journals site, you can do so here:

Updating alerts

Readers can update alerts from an Issue Table of Contents page, an Article page, or from the Alerts menu in My Account: If a user is not already authenticated, they will be prompted to log in before they can register for these alerts. For more information on email alerts, please see:

Contact Us

Non-Member Personal Subscriptions
[email protected]

Membership Subscriptions
AAI Membership Department, Fulfillment and Claims
[email protected]

Institutional Subscription Policies
Manager, Content Licensing and Sales
[email protected]

Questions about Fulfillment and Claims
Subscriptions Department
[email protected]


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